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I hope to get this site up and running to follow Psylocke as a member of the Exiles! It'll be slow going at first, but check back! In the meantime, for the best site for Psylocke prior to her time with Exiles, check out Psylocke... Le Site!


The Guestbook has been disabled due to constant spam posts. You can still view old message, though. Sorry for this inconvenience. If anyone knows how to block these spam posts, please, let me know. Thanks.


Betsy in X3!!!
I'm sure most Psylocke fans know this already, but Psylocke is going to be a character in the new X3 movie. For an article, go HERE

I've added a new page of avatars by iconnaissance. They incoporate comic, movie and cartoon Betsy and are animated. Check them out in the Avatars section!


Some new avatars have been submitted. Thank you "burningwhisper"!


I need to start working on this baby... so if you have any fan submissions, please send them my way ( I'm looking for icons, avatars, wallpapers, artwork, fiction, or anything else fan related.


I've added more avatars created by myself... three of Psylocke, and a few of other characters as well.


New avatars added by "iconoclast_"


Two new wallpapers have been added and I added a new section to "Avatars." Made_in_ink has donated some lovely avatars to us. To view them simply click on "Avatars" and then click on "made_in_ink" in the sidebar.
Just for verification... "Avatars" contains 100x100 images to be used as LJ icons or on message boards. "Icons" contains mood icons and will soon contain AIM icons (which usually measure 40x40, I believe).


Not Dead Yet!


All of the links should work now, though everything has not been added. I will probably also be adding more categories in the sidebar at the later date. Please submit stuff to me if you would like to. Thank you.


Welcome back. As you can tell, Psy-Strike is back open, though it is not the same as before. I am not going to try and make an all comprehensive Psylocke site, because there are already those on the web who have beat me to it and have done it better than I could ever dream of. So, instead I want to make this mainly a place to hold fan media such as avatars, icons, fiction, wallpapers, and other fan mediums. So far I only have the "avatars" and "icons" page begun with some of my own work, but I would love to take submissions as well.
Also, the Betsy Tribute Book which was started when she was killed off is still up for reading and signing, so feel free to add to it if you'd like.
Keep coming back because I am trying to slowly, but surely, rebuild this site to one that may be of interest again. Thank you!